The Classroom Teacher

Are you a classroom teacher looking for a resource that will make your job easier?Are you looking for educational yet fun visual arts lessons for your students?

Easy Peasy Art School is what you’ve been looking for!

What is Easy Peasy Art School?

Our website is an online art school that offers step by step visual art lessons for primary or elementary aged students. Our educationally rich lessons are not just about creating beautiful pictures, they’re based on our belief that by providing support and guidance in art making, we can help to develop student confidence, knowledge and skills.

We have over 175 lessons covering a wide variety of themes. Each lesson comes with:

  • Background information
  • Tips for students and teaching tips for teachers
  • A list of required materials
  • Step-by-step written instructions and photos of each step
  • Downloadable templates to make getting started easier
  • Other options and suggestions on how the lesson can be
    adapted to meed your student’s needs
  • All our lessons now also come with printable lesson plans
    to help with your planing and programming

So How Does It Work?

Teachers love using Easy Peasy with their classes via interactive boards and screens, or by setting independent tasks on tablets or laptops.

1. Choose

simply choose the lesson you would like to teach

2. Prepare

familiarise yourself with the lesson and prepare your materials

3. Create

work through the lesson with your students

4. Display

proudly display the beautiful final artworks

It’s That Easy!

An individual membership is perfect for the classroom teacher wanting to use our site with their class on an interactive screen. Even better, if you would like your students to be able to work independently on tablets or laptops or for all the teachers at your school to use our site then a whole school subscription might be what you are looking for. For more information, click on our sign-up tab.